Blind Barber

I don't think there is ever a time I feel more blind then when I get a haircut. I often times walk around my house without my glasses, and everything seems in order and easy to understand. Yet, the second I get into that chair at the barber and take off my glasses, I get a status update as to how bad my vision is deteriorating.

It seems to me like the color skeems are either off, or the whole mirror-in-front-of-me thing makes the whole world around me that much more difficult to see and understand. Of course, this happens to be the time I'm asked a few dozen times if my hair is cut the way I want it. I usually end up simply looking as if I'm paying attention and say "Perfect!". So far, I've not walked out with a messed up haircut, lucky me!

Another thing is the amount of talking that gets done while my hair is being cut. I don't understand how women tend to talk with their hair dressers. I have a damn buzzer next to my ear while I'm being asked questions, I can't follow a normal conversation with that. So I'm now blind, and deaf!


At 18/4/07 5:01 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Oh man, I almost split myself laughing. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Last time I got my hair cut, some new guy cut it for me. Of course at the end he pulled out the mirror to show me the back and all this... or he's asking me questions about how it looks... and I'm just like "uhh I'm blind, I need to put my glasses on". Or, like you, I would just assume it looked good and hope for the best. I'm never one to give precise instructions to the person *anyway*, as I never quite know what to say. I'm the fucker who always tongue-in-cheek replies "shorter" to the guy when he asks what I want.

The guy also asked me how much I wanted taken off. I gave a puzzled look and he asks "about an inch?". I have no fucking idea what an inch is, in the sense of how that would look on my head. So he kind of pulls out a strand of hair to show me where he will cut and I'm like "yeah, perfect!"

The funniest thing to me is that because I'm blind, whenever they push my hair in some strange position while cutting it, it always seems to look 10x more hilarious than it should, and I have to restrain myself from bursting out laughing.


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