Freud's suicide bombers

Freud's theories are often timed mocked as being sexually oriented. Although they were challenged over the years, it's hard to deny that libido is a strong chemical drive that does primarily drive certain individuals.

Pierre Rehov's documentary 'Suicide Killers' expresses this particular point of view. Although he isn't stating that sexual drive is the primary cause of suicide bombers in the Islamic extremist world, he points out that it's an important drive. Statistically, suicide bombers are between the age of 15 and 25 as Rehov explains, these are kids who are confused and uneducated when it comes to sexual behavior. Although considered empowered in the household, they're taught that sexual desires are considered to be wrong and the devil's work. And so, with the hope of satisfying and purging themselves of such fearful desires, they are driven by Islam's extremists into the act of suicide bombings.

Men's sexual peak usually is around the age of 18. Rehov's documentary points out several issues that, compiled with sexual frustration, lead a young man to commit suicide by bombing. Interestingly, he points out that in the past systems were establish to financially support families of suicided bombers. Which ended up being an extra reason for families to support the idea.

Historically, he also explains that Muslim teachings state that 'one day Islam will prevail on Earth'. This can be drawn in parallel with Christianity's goal that was executed for hundreds of years leading to many, many deaths.

So it seems, men's libido generate pedophiles, sexual predators and suicide bombers! Not to mention, the root of every psychological problems men and women face.


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