The problem with the latest elections

My family has always been interesting when elections days near. They don't speak about politics, and they certainly do everything they can to avoid talking about them. When my brother started to discuss his distaste with the election campaign, my father simply brushed him off by saying "None of us went into politics, we aren't better and we don't know better."

I find this sort of attitude to be damaging to society, and from what I understand, it isn't localized to my family alone. My brother had made a few statements that were incorrect regarding the electoral process, so I corrected him...but only after I dragged him out of the room where my father was discouraging any sort of conversation because "we aren't working in politics". As a Canadian, and a Quebec citizen, it is my duty to be informed about the happenings and goings of both my country and province, and I fully understand where certain people might not find it as pleasurable. I do excuse a lot of ignorance, but only up to a certain point. I fully understand how someone could actually go about their lives without hearing anything political as most of us aren't use to growing up in a politically engaging climate. I have to say that when the latest provincial election came up, I wasn't as informed as I could have been myself.

Nonetheless, when someone asked me who I voted for, I was able to tell them. The general attitude I'm getting from everyone is "who you vote for is personal". This is the sort of attitude I tend to distance myself from for good reasons. The golden rule is 'never compare anything to Hitler', but this type of behavior is exacly what helps fuel fascism in my mind. Not standing up for ones beliefs and especially being unwilling to educate and discuss them with others is a real problem our society has.


At 9/4/07 10:17 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

lol, I also always found it funny when I've heard people say to me "it's a secret ballot!"

What exactly does this mean? Well... it means that you're either ashamed of your choice, cannot defend it, or are afraid of being mocked. Strange.


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