There are moments when I wonder if some people just have no moral or logical compass whatsoever. I wrote some time ago about a person eating a bologna sandwich in one of my classes at 8:30am. At that point, I thought I had seen it all. Of course, there's always some douchebag who will manage to top things off.

Case in point: One of my classes is in a very packed, cramped, get-to-know-your-neighbour style auditorium. It's probably one of the worst learning environments I could think of -- but thankfully the class is incredibly engaging. As I sat there today waiting for class to start, there was an empty seat to the next of me. Some guy shows up and tries to squeeze himself in, bumping into everyone in the process. At this point, I notice that the guy has a TV dinner tray in his hands (you know, the plastic black ones). It's steaming hot, and there are noodles of some sort in there. I couldn't believe my eyes. This fucker thought that he would just munch on his goddamn fettuccine in the middle of class, while everyone around him has to put up with the smell.

The guy tries to sit down, but because it's so cramped, and his hands are full, he needed to pass his noodles off to someone so that he could take off his bag and jacket, and sit down in the chair. So he *kindly* asks if I'll hold his food for him while he sits down. All I said was: "what the fuck... I'm not touching your goddamn noodles. this isn't your living room, dude.", to which I just got this real arrogant look. Of course I could have been nice and held on to his tray while he sat down, but it was bad enough that he figured it was acceptable to be eating this in class that uncourteous dumbasses like him should not be encouraged. Now I hope I've seen it all.


At 20/1/07 12:38 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Actually....two semesters ago a girl sitting next to me in class seemed to be drinking something out of a brown bag...I believe it was a beer because I got a faint smell of alcohol...anywho university houses some really fucking deranged people ;)


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