CSI: Miami & The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"

The greatest comedy on TV truly stems from CSI: Miami. The show is the simplified version of its counterpart. Lots of style compiled into one hour of television makes the show seem rather humorous compared to the original CSI who spends time on monologues that add some extra insight into the different cases.

Miami cuts this down into simple form. Machines have big flashing lights that has simple words like "Deadly" pop up to clearly display to the audience that the killer meant harm. Every single chemical has visual dyes added into them so that the audience can understand what's going on. The great part is that where CSI places in the line "I've added a dye" Miami eliminates the phrase and goes in for the visual hyper drive. The show has clearly defined characters, with bad guys being real bad and confessing with ridiculous one-liners such as "We can have it all you and I!" and the lead answering "We will, but you'll be getting yours in a 6X9 cell." and then walks away.

But the greatest of all jokes stems from the song they've chosen to attach to this show. The song "Won't get fooled again" by The Who was written by Pete Townshend who meant it to be about an oppressed civilization who would rebel as the song progresses. It's interesting to mention that the lead of Miami, Horatio Caine, seems to have an unlimited amount of resources at his disposal, an unlimited jurisdiction and certainly chooses to waive citizen rights on some occasions.

In a show where the main characters and protagonists are in charge of every department of an investigation and use unlimited amounts of tax payers money, it's funny to think they are represented by a song that chooses to deal with oppression as something that is being fought. But in a world where the bad guys are truly bad people, and proud to be unethical and evil is a word with a meaning, I guess it makes sense to have such good guys who are willing to take control of anything and everything to get the objective done. You've got to break the law to enforce it.


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