Little things

  • I've come to think most Quebecois last names contain only 2 syllables: Chartier, Ouillet, Mailler, Fournier, Gravel, Tremblay, Gagnon, Brunet, etc... Yet first names are becoming longer and composed: Marc-Andre, Marie-Eve, Jean-Philip, Jean-Francois, Charles-Olivier, Louis-Philip, Charles-Antoine, etc... What's going on?

  • Old People and Technology can be classified into two distinctive groups. The first group are those old people who distrust, misunderstand or are confused by it. The second, and funniest, group contain the ones who over trust technology. Old people who say they can't get lost anymore because they have a GPS in the car makes me laugh.

  • Giving responsibility out to those who tag (graffiti) places is a bit odd. Citizens complain about an amount of graffiti on walls, and the responsibility falls into the owner's hands to clean up their facade. Oddly enough, officers are the ones to tell the owners to clean up the graffiti. Aren't these the same people who are suppose to stop graffiti artists?

  • I'm often happy to see a speed cyclist struggling in the rain. It reminds me how many times they thought roads were build for bikes and decide to ride in the middle of the street. If a car and a bicycle collide, the winner is clear. Get out of the way for your own safety.

  • What's so hard with learning the cardinal points? Most people I come across tell me they have no idea which way West is and proudly admit it. Why it is so hard to learn and get a feel for cardinal points is beyond me. It's an important navigation tool and comes off as a frustration to those who try to explain directions to people with this lack of knowledge.


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