The world's decadence

The previous story shows us many different problems that happen more then once in society.

First of all, it shows complete dismissal of another human being. This is something that happens on average, more then a 100 times a day. Take Bill who goes to McDonalds, he waits in line, gets to the counter, gets his order, leaves. All the while forgetting that he has come into contact with the people in line, the janitor, the people in the restaurant, the cashiers, the cooks, the boss and the people in the parking lot. We make connections with so many people, yet dismiss more then 90% of them on a daily base.

Secondly, the complete apathy and lack of sympathy towards others. As the story mentions, nobody bothered to glance over, move their chairs, move their stuff or even guide him to a seat properly. Everyone just kept on looking forward. They're lucky you didn't decide to fucking knock and step on each and everything that was in the way, and smash the heads and backs of whomever didn't move to let you pass. How can such a system work? I'm an asshole, but you have to be nice cause I was here first? Lucky for them you were nicer then they were.

Lastly, it shows people's indifference towards themselves as well. As mentionned above, their stuff and health could have been at SERIOUS risk, but they arrogantly decided to take their chances.

These are the minds of the future? These arrogant pricks who won't even talk when addressed to? Especially when they are addressed in a polite matter? The future doesn't look too bright.


At 21/9/05 11:12 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Now, I'm not the nicest guy in the world, and I generally get annoyed and pissed off at others pretty easily, yet I still try and remain courteous and friendly, especially with people I don't know. I think you're dead on about the disregard of human contact in our day to day lives. We try to ignore others, we choose not to make eye contact with people, we don't say hello or properly greet when we're dealing with a cashier (not that most of them are better), and the list goes on.

This is an interesting case as well. Most people are oblivious to their surroundings, in general. Not just in terms of other people, but in terms of general observations. We've discussed and experimented with this a good amount, but I don't think the point can be emphasized enough. People just aren't observant, and they act as if they were alone in the universe. I may be a prick, but I generally have more respect and awknowledgment for others.

Here is another example. I walk to school every day and I generally notice sidewalk behavior. It seems like lots of people who are walking in groups, think they have the right to hog the sidewalk. So you might have 3 people walking side-by-side, and yet you basically have to dodge them in order to avoid them. It would have been too much of a fucking effort for them to leave you room to go through. After all, why should I have to divert my course to avoid them when they're the ones who are taking all the room? Generally, it's not because they do it on purpose, it's because they're ignorant morons. This is visible everywhere in society, but I think these few examples illustrate the point adequately.

At 22/9/05 1:09 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

I just thought of a new policy. From now on, any group of people who are blocking my way on a sidewalk will get rammed into, possibly with an elbow shot to the gut. That is all.


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