Intelligence Without Reason

I refuse to believe that a person can be intelligent without demonstrating some kind of rational capacities. By this I mean that, if a person is religious, I do not consider them to be intelligent. You can be the most knowledgable mathematician in the world, but if you believe in the fucking tooth fairy, you're still a moron.

Case in point: I was talking to this girl the other night, and questioning her on her religious beliefs (as I often do to people in a first conversation...). She tells me that she doesn't adhere to any specific religion, but does believe in God and Jesus Christ and all this stuff. Her view tends to be more like Christianity but she doesn't like its over-reliance on the Bible for everything.

Ok, ok. Here's a very smart girl who, for whatever reason, has completely fucked up in her rational capacities. People who adhere to a religion and follow a book of some sort at least have an argument. They've been indoctrinated, of course, and their beliefs are completely wrong, illogical, and ridiculous, but at least they have a belief that the Bible or whatever other book is an account of the truth.

I usually don't understand religion, but I understood this girl's beliefs even less. I asked her what type of historical basis she had for her beliefs. Obviously the concepts lie in Christianity, but if she didn't really base herself on the Bible (which is a must for a Christian), then what even makes her think that her beliefs are the truth. Of course, I got the typical answer. She has no proof that it's true, that it's a question of faith, etc. She also sways from Christanity, though. She believes in heaven, but not in hell. Therefore I'm guessing she doesn't believe in the original sin. It seems like a completely illogical pick-and-choose type of belief system with no basis in anything at all. Adherents to religion are blind, this is just stupid.

Therefore, I came to the broad conclusion that you cannot be intelligent until you have dismissed religion altogether. Beleiving in fairy tales so that you can feel good when you wake up in the morning is a dilusional fantasy. I'm so fucking sick and tired of all this religion bullshit. There is not a single tiny shred of evidence that an almighty God exists, so why do so many morons keep basing their moral values on what an old book of unknown provenance and an institution led by a guy with a point hat say. I dare any religious person to provide me with some evidence (no, the Bible, the Koran, etc. do not count). It is a mental illness and, in my eyes, not only demonstrates moral weakness and a complete lack of character strength, but also the lack of important traits like reason, curiousity, intelligence, and a basic adherence to the scientific method's principle of empirical evidence.

To all you religious zealots: I'm sick and tired of your shit. I was "born" a Catholic, but ended up being agnostic starting from around 9-10 years old, notwithstanding my education in a Catholic elementary school. I officially declared myself to be an atheist around the age of 14-15, when I started to develop critical thinking skills. Are you going to tell me that you're dumber than a 9 year old? Out with the evidence or shut the fuck up.


At 13/4/06 12:11 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

``Religion is a species of mental diseases``...Benito Mussolini...Errr perhaps I shouldnt of used that specific quote but anywho, that was a very awesome post. Religion defies the very nature of what makes us human, in other words our capacities to use our intelligence and reason to solve complex problems and situations. It also completely nullifies our capacity to think critically and properly decipher the world around us. Religion is a fantasy crutch, a crutch that guarantees that our hardships on this planet will be rewarded in a fairy tale land of golden palaces and androgenous angels! It truly is the opiate of the masses ;)

At 15/4/06 10:59 AM, Blogger Geo said...

Martin Luther, one of them, the founder of protestantism, also said, "For one to have faith, he must destroy reason." (paraphrase)

I'm 68 and it took me a long time to fully avow my atheism. Though I will admit that agnosticism might be the more rational choice. Still I'll stay atheist until some evidence of a "spiritual" world comes in.

Hang in there, and be cautious. I had no specific religious training, but I've noticed that many a child Christian returns to the fold later when a crises arises.

At 16/4/06 12:08 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

Thanks for the comments. I don't have any worries that I'll slip back into religion. As I said, I was mostly agnostic through my childhood, and only believing mildly in religion because this is what all the adults around me said was the truth. With no rational capacities yet developped, how can you question it?


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