The New Fruitcake

Do you know the old joke/saying about fruitcake? Nobody actually eats the stuff, but everyone receives fruitcake as a gift and then manages to inconspicuously pass it off to another? Louis-José Houde once commented on this, saying that there's probably only 5 fruitcakes in the whole world.

I am today announcing, however, that we are witnessing the demise of fruitcakes. It seems that whenever my parents have friends over, and they bring gifts, there is at least a 50% chance that they will bring some type of "fancy" olive, or other sorts of cooking oil. We have about 10 bottles of the stuff lying around. I'm not so sure what's so special or different about this olive oil from the cheap stuff you buy at the grocery store... but nobody seems to use it. The cycle will continue, and my mom will likely pass it on to someone else, who will receive it with the exact same fake enthusiasm that she did, and it will sit and collect dust on their shelf until they decide to pass it on to another unsuspecting victim.


At 20/1/07 8:59 AM, Blogger Chartier said...

If only the same could be done with wine, we'd have ourselves some really good tasting old wine by now.

At 21/1/07 10:52 AM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Its even funnier from somebody who actually works with wine and spirits. Alot of times clients will purchase some of the biggest 10$ and under atrocities you can think of for gifts.


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