George Carlin & War

I remember hearing George Carlin mention that the only active metaphor in the American community is the use of the word 'War'. In one of his shows, I believe it's Jammin' in New York, he makes a list of the different wars the United States are fighting, wars that don't mean much, but are nonetheless going on.

While watching CNN today, I only glanced at the channel for almost half-an-hour when George Carlin's list came to mind. Here are the wars the United States are currently fighting, and were covered during my short view. The names given are the ones displayed underneath the footage:

War on the Middle Class (problems with illegal labor)
War of Words (Hilary Clinton's rebutal)
War in Iraq
War on Terrorism
War on Drugs (Imported or otherwise)

The keywords that came up included: Homeland, security, threat, terror, danger, pentagon, attack, action, sieged, under, control, inspect, strength and all lovely words that mean power, oppression, control and fear.


At 22/7/07 5:36 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

The Taliban are in Afghanistan and some areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, not Iraq.

At 23/7/07 12:16 PM, Blogger Chartier said...

Oops, you're absolutely right!


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