I've always had problems with toothbrushes. Something about them always annoyed me to death. For one thing, I don't enjoy brushing my teeth. I don't find the activity pleasing in any fashion (and don't get me started on flossing). Something about inserting something in my mouth and playing around with it for no purpose then to scrub doesn't adhere to me. Also, I can't seem to find a fast, efficient way to do so. I always end up having moussed up toothpaste all over my mouth. I'm always impressed when I see a friend (usually turns out to be a woman) brushing her teeth with no spill, no mouss and no problems. I usually end up questioning the cleanliness of their mouths afterwards but never vocalise it.

So back on toothbrushes, I realized this morning I left my toothbrush in the other bathroom because that's where I took my shower yesterday. Someone happened to be in there taking their shower so I was stuck waiting for the person to come out. Meanwhile, I have to move the car in front, so I do so. When I get back inside, someone new took over the other bathroom and is taking a bath. This sort of thing happens all the time! I take a shower here, but forgot my toothbrush in the other bathroom and vice versa. What's worst is when someone finished going to the bathroom and the smell isn't very pleasant, and the idea of having to get my toothbrush and use it after it's been exposed to such...unpleasant smells isn't very appealing.

Another problem with toothbrushes: They're useless when wet! Absolutely annoyed when I travel and happen to have to pack my damn toothbrush. Early morning flight, just finished brushing up and nearly puking from the activity and now I have to find a way to dry my toothbrush. How do I go about it? I have to carefully choose what surface to use! Can't use the hand towel, too dirty, can't use toilet paper, it'll cram up and end up all over the brushes...I know, how about a new-fresh-towel? Yes, but what a waste of a towel for that!

I also can't have more then one toothbrush. If I was to put one in each bathroom, surely I'd end up comfortable with only one, or carry one around and I'm back to ground zero. Also, if I have to many, they all look-alike I won't be able to tell apart which ones are mine and which are not! I always remember being pissed off when I noticed somebody else using my toothbrush. Who the fuck would be comfortable enough to do that? They all look alike...

Teeth brushing is even more difficult when you extend the activity. Veterinarians say you should brush your pet's teeth. Well never mind you that, why would I want to have a rubbery toothbrush at the end of my finger and risk loosing it as I nearly choke my pet? Something isn't right here.

Toothbrushes, and tooth brushing doesn't work very well. It isn't pleasant and it certainly isn't efficient as an activity. Yet, if I am to take a long shower but don't brush my teeth, I feel very dirty still.


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