What's In A Name?

A very interesting and random thought crossed my mind the other night as I was fixing up my typical late-night snack. It occurred to me that Quebec society especially values family honor through the form of surnames, much in the same way that Japanese society does. There are so many businesses, especially in small towns, which are named after the owner. "Godbout et Fils Réparation" or something along that line of thinking. I was eating something, though I can't recall what, but I noticed that the product was branded with the family name of those who made it, and it was specifically stated that this was made in the same manner that this family has traditionally made it for generations. Another one I recently saw were cheese curds from Quebec. Again, the emphasis was put on trust and honesty in the making of the cheese, as well as the faithfulness to the quality one has come to expect from this family.

Eric and I have discussed at length in the past a number of questions that emerged as we reflected on the honesty of family businesses. His father once raised the issue of a specific mechanic who was very trustworthy and who always did a good job. It was sort of a friend-of-a-friend type of thing, and I think there was the implication that this guy was very honest in his work because his family had been around for a long time. Much more honest than the "big guys" who are just out to rip you off. THIS guy would fix you up in no time, and you could place all your trust in his hands.


At 31/8/07 7:24 AM, Blogger Chartier said...

It's interesting that you point this out. I was having a discussion with an Environmental Geography teacher about the history of Rouge Valley and how different English and French farming had been in the region. It turns out family owned farms were roughly about the same size, yet often French Canadian would state that they were at a disadvantage over the English because of their family size.

What's more funny is that my dad sort of asked me that I send my care directly to Toyota last time. He stated that he didn't trust THAT mechanic very much anymore because of 1 incident in which they might of made a mistake on an oil pan. He decided to simply, and slowly, boycutt the place.


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