Contradictions in Public Speaking

The whole point of having somebody up front speaking direcly to the audience, gracing them with his presence is to be able to get some charismatic performance and the presence plays a huge role. The issue is when these are taped, especially when these taped performences are then used to teach students how to make a good speach.

These recordings defy the purpose completely, not only do they take away all charisma, they take away good audio and the horrible audio quality renders the speach monotone, no matter what.

This is what my public speaking class is, and that's all it'll ever be. We have three seperate teachers...teaching at the same time, trying to teach us how to converse in front of the glass on our own. Well, what the fuck is that? Is it THAT hard to teach public speaking? Wonderful inverstement of tax payer's money.


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