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It seems to me that one of the major problems with the television format is the lack of originality and the lingering conservatism of the medium. While many of the images themselves become more and more provocative with time, it seems like there is a reluctance to change anything about many television conventions. I came to thinking about this while watching some re-runs of Seinfeld, easily the best sitcom of all time. At the same time, however, the point is that it's not *really* a sitcom. Episodes like the infamous Chinese restaurant show just how far they were willing to push the limits and ultimately successful in doing.

There are no shows these days which actually push the limits in terms of creative writing. I do believe that there is a demand for this type of material, but it's either not delivered because it's too much of a gamble or because the networks think people like home renovation shows instead. Family Guy is a show worthy of note simply because it pushes the limits in terms of controversial issues, but it would never have aired had Seinfeld not paved the way for it.

The reason I believe there is a demand for creative writing on television is because of the huge success of HBO in recent years and their exclusive shows. The sales of these series on DVD have been absolutely phenomenal. HBO is the only network that is willing to risk anything in order to actually put out some creative, original, and innovative material. Seinfeld is also remembered after all these years and still has a huge syndication run. People remember it because it was different and pushed the limits. I watched about 5 minutes of Desperate Housewives tonight and wanted to gouge my eyes out and then shoot myself. THIS is hit television? People are fixated by this pure regurgitated drivel? Get a fucking life. Go outside, read a book, anything other than that. It's just amazing to me how people can schedule their lives around something like television. As if it were not enough that school and work enforce a strict 9-5 schedule on us, but we've got to be home at 8 to watch Teri Hatcher and friends act like a fucking cunt.


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