Sleeping and Time Conflicts

I should be sleeping right now, but I'm not. Instead, I feel like I have about a million more productive things to do. I'm behind with my readings for most of my courses, and keep pushing it back, there's a lot of projects that I have in mind, and also I feel I haven't had enough time for some of my usual hobbies as I have in the past. There's also about 10 books I currently want to read for pleasure. Sleeping is the absolute last thing on my mind. I can never stand actually going to sleep because I feel as though I'm being unproductive in doing so. I'm losing precious time to do other things. There are never enough hours in a day. However, I of course regret whenever I don't get enough sleep, but never seem to learn. I've been taking more afternoon naps than I would care to (sometimes up to 4hr "naps"). At the same time, I feel this is unproductive, but I never quite am able to pull myself away from what I'm doing and go to bed. Having said that, once I'm in bed, I love it, and in the morning, I never want to get up. Go figure.


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