The beauty of art and creation

Well, I'm adding a little cheezy note to add to the whole 'art is important' theme.

I'm a big fan of creative writing. I love to write scripts, short stories, poems, you name it, I write it. A theme I usually never touch upon is myself, I use creative writing as a means to express myself, yes as it is an art, but I never use it to translate anything too personal. So I decide to set up an experience and challenge for myself, the results of which I'd like to use as evidence in our case.

The experience is simply and somewhat arrogant: Write a semi-autobiographical script loosely based on different events of my life. I got the chance to sit down a full two and half hour of none stop creativeness. To be honest, I feel the results to have been extremely productive and helped me reflect on my life quite a bit. As a matter of fact, the semi-autobiographical script turns out to be quite a comedy but it turns out to have seriously organized some of the parts of my life I hadn't bothered to stop, think and directly say what I thought about it.

In the end, I had to add a voice-off narrator who actually turns out to be more of a commentator. He speaks on three very different levels:
1. He directly states what his character is thinking as the script narrates parts of his life.
2. He reflects on the actions and thoughts that he had at the time the script is narrating.
3. He also interacts with what the writer is thinking about writing the voice-off narration.

This three dimensional puzzle of narration works amazingly to help transitions between the several 'sketch-like' scenes, that aren't chronologically ordered, with the 'real life' scenes, which also aren't chronologically ordered.

I surprisingly started off the script with parts of my life that I hate speaking about the most. The main character that is loosely based on me is shown as a very pathetic and emotionally unstable individual, while the voice-off of this character resembles more my own personality and my own train of thought when I am quite unemotional and observant of my life.

The script is a semi-therapy which ends up creating some interesting scenarios of bizarre half-made up events that represent my dreams and a more down to earth look at life which is on par with my own vision of it. In the end, this form of creation and art has blended my conscious and subconscious together and seriously helped rationalizing my life. Which is the reason why I believe that someone without artistic hobbies may seriously have several stress related issues if not mental illness.


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