The quality of Canadian newspapers is quite appalling. I'm not sure if people are simply uninterested in hard news or, for that matter, international news, but Canadian newspapers have so much fluff and garbage in them. On my trip to Europe, I read several newspapers (from Paris, London, etc.) and it seemed to me that the breadth of coverage was far more interesting. Furthermore, the quality of writing was better, and the articles went more in-depth. In essence, they are more like daily magazines than the Canadian crap I wish I could wipe my ass with.

The Globe and Mail claims that it's a national newspaper, and it is indeed the best daily newspaper for Canadian affairs. However, it's riddled with ads, like all Canadian newspapers (far less of this overseas), and it's extremely Toronto-centric, as if it were the capital of the world. It's almost a joke to call this a national newspaper because there is zero coverage of major happenings outside of Ontario.

The Canwest papers are the absolute worst of them all. The Montreal Gazette is a piece of Jewish shit. I have nothing specifically against Jews, but this constant pro-Israel bias is unhealthy in any form of public discourse. The Aspyrs and Co. have constantly placed a heavy hand in the affairs of their papers, from this Israel bias to the "national editorials" that they tried to pull not long ago. They also fired numerous journalists who refused to toe the line. The National Post is just a Conservative puppet it seems, but then all newspapers (especially Canwest) have been praising Harper as if he had sucked their collective dicks and was the seventh son of Jesus or something.

As I was perusing through the Ottawa Citizen yesterday morning, I couldn't help but chuckle at the editorial that they decided to print. The best thing that they could talk about was the nature of swear words in Quebec. They argued that most people in Quebec take the nature of swear words (church-related) very lightly, and many don't know what they mean because they no longer go to church and the Roman Catholic boys' club doesn't have the influence over the State that it once did. The editorial was written in this extremely condescending tone which seemed to mock the whole of Quebec society and its swearing. It wasn't explicit, but this appeared to be the only purpose for publishing the editorial in the first place. Essentially, the Roman Catholic church is running some kind of advertising thing to sensitize Quebekers to the nature of the words they swear with. I wouldn't say that they praised this move, but the conclusion of the piece was that it was nice to see the Roman Catholic church taking some tough action with a bit of humour involved. Tabarnak caulisse...


At 18/5/06 12:42 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

I use to think Canadian newspapers had some depth and substance to them also...But now I restrict my daily news to the BBC (online), commondreams and Stephen Colbert! Also this whole swearword campaign in Quebec is quite hilarious, but at the same time it shows the pathetic all new low the Catholic church has sunk itself to gain more exposure. And as for Quebec's newspapers, dont get me started le Journal de Montréal with its populist format, or Lapresse with its rather centre-right neo-liberal leanings!

At 18/5/06 10:31 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

The Gazette... oy vey!

At 19/5/06 2:56 PM, Blogger Chartier said...

One has to wonder if the lack of information and certainly the load of bias into our newspaper transcends from the fact that North America was built by people who weren't wanted in Europe in the first place. I keep thinking that the best way for Europe to evolve was to send all unwanted into the New World to get rid of them, so that the more sophisticated people can procreate. Kind of far fetched and not documented, but hey, it's an idea.


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