Communication Breakdown

The leaves are changing and so are the familiar faces around the school. This is exactly how my mom would start an article if she had a column in a newspaper. It's the worst fucking thing I've ever head in my life. Now, I've known that my mom never really had a knack for writing or anything of the sort, but this is absolutely horrible. Whenever, in the past, I had an essay to write, she would occasionally try and give me suggestions on how to proceed. Usually, they amounted to a ridiculous line that nobody would take seriously and nobody with half a brain would actually write.

You know, I just think that some people understand writing and some people don't. Some people just don't understand the basis of writing a successful essay, article, report, story, whatever. The majority don't understand basic syntax to begin with, and no matter how many times you show it to them, they still can't fully grasp it.

Communication is the most important tool that we have. Most people don't understand to what extent both communication through language but also body language is important. My point is that, if you can't write properly, how do you manage to properly convey your thoughts when you're speaking? The fact is, most people simply cannot. If you're talking to someone else who is a native English speaker, for example, you can generally understand the point they are trying to make because you are able to mentally form an image of the concept they are conveying. However, if we were unable to do that, it would be absolutely baffling the communication breakdown that would occur in most conversations. Here are some observations and problems that I have noted in the realm of communcation:

- As I stated above, those who cannot properly communicate verbally. They often stumble as they are talking and try and save themselves by repeating what they just have said in about 6 different ways, hoping you will have grasped the concept.

- Scholars and academics who insist on writing in the most ridiculously pompous language imaginable. I don't have a problem reading this stuff because I understand it. However, the point of communication is to get a message across as simply and efficiently as possible. Just because you have used a thesaurus on every fucking word doesn't make your arguments any better. You can write properly and formally without sounding like a complete arrogant dick.

- Two average people cannot hold a conversation between themselves. They are generally in their own bubble, talking about two seemingly unrelated things, and only adding comments of agreement to the other person's thoughts. Disagreements and conversation topics where you might have to think a bit are avoided.

I had some more really fucking clever points (of course), but I got distracted as I was writing this and lost the train of thought. Oh well.


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