Religious People

I don't like religious fanatics. I don't like people who seem to be so completely influenced by it in every move that they make. I don't like people who push this on other people. As an example, when I'm invited as a guest in someone else's home, it seems a little strange that we would be forced to join in a prayer before supper. Since this is Thanksgiving, as well, it seems very eager to force everyone to awkwardly state what they are thankful for this year. While I concede that when you are a guest in someone else's house, you have to play by their rules. However, it seems to me a given that you don't push such cult rituals on them assuming they are all religious (and of course, of the same religion). It seems odd to me that you would force people into an awkward position such as saying what you're thankful for. Next time, when we have guests over at my house, I guess I'll just have to have them partake in the bible defecation and infant blood-sucking rituals we do before each meal.

While I'm on the topic of religious conservative values, let me rant a bit more. It always amazes me how these families have managed to make certain things taboo and for "adults only". Excuse me, I'm a fucking adult. It would be nice if I was offered a glass of wine with my turkey like everyone else. I was actually given (not even offered/asked) sparkling apple juice (which I was told, incidentally, came from IKEA). How fucking great. Also, when everyone else was offered coffee after the meal, they just kind of skipped over the "kids". I also recall that the only time I was ever offered alcohol there was at New Year's, when I was permitted to have a single glass of champagne. Fucking great... Even worse, these bible-fuckers all put sugar in their coffee, but that's another story.


At 10/10/05 3:36 AM, Blogger Chartier said...

Ahahaha, I like the last paragraph and I think a lot of the ideas given out can be elborated upon and open for much further discussion


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