Distribution of water in stores

Today marked my first day off of work in a week, and I realized I had some shopping to do. I'm not exacly the greatest shopping enthusiast, but I guess I should give it a go and see it in a different light. So I started at the bottom, and found the reasons why I should shop. Things like clothes to me don't take priority, although that was the main reason why I was shopping. The first thing on my list was to get a history book for my History course. It seemed like the right reason to shop, a real reason to consume. A reason to further my knowledge.

Once that was done, I was left with clothes. So I figured I'd also find myself an excuse to shop for clothes. I'm now the youngest and only guy part of a an amazing team that's running a modeling/casting agency. So I figured, a day away from work can still be a productive work day. So with that excuse in mind, I went looking at all article of clothes in the stores.

That's when I realised I should get a drink, since my speed shopping, running in and out of stores as quick as I could, seem to get the best of me. I went for a drink at the fountains near the bathrooms.

Here's my problem. I can never seem to quench my thirst with it. For one thing, I find the distribution to be horrendus. A thin stream of water shooting out of a hole creating an arch is the last possible way I would imagine to be an efficient way of getting a drink. Not only that, but I recall often times having issues with the water temperature in them. Especially when it's really cold and it hits your teeth. It also feels like one sip is the equivilent of three drops.

Also, when I think about it, how did they gage the height on these things? Remember the fountain for the kids and the fountain for the adults? I can't count the amount of times I had to watch parents lift their kids for them to be able to have a drink.

What about tall people? They have to bend at a 90 degree angle sometimes, that's if they're lucky. Imagine bending down to a 45 degree incline!

And all the water that seems to go to waste doesn't seem to add points in the favor of the distribution technique. Most of the time, the water that poors out either ends on my face, or back down in the sink.

So here are the use I found these fountains to have had so far:
1. They are entertaining. You press a button....water shoots out. Lots of fun.
2. They're a kid's flirting tool. Girl gets a drink, you slap her behind the head.
3. They're a kid's prank tool. Same concept as the girl, but you get the guy to break his teeth on the metal shaft.

3 points for the fountain, and lots against it.


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