What ever happened to straight talk?

Another little snippet, what happened to straight talk? It seems today all we do is speak sarcastically, ironically and on some occasions metaphorically. What's the deal? Have we all lost the art of speaking straight, honestly and to-the-point?

Maybe it's just my paranoia but I feel like I always have to go through a long mental process to seriously analyze what somebody is telling me. I've gotten better at it, and I've gotten around to play around with words myself. It seems that semantics is becoming a seriously important part of our sociolization. Words aren't set to a specific definition, and all the sudden become something completely different depending on the words we use.

I'm now a PR for a company, so it's more important now then ever that I choose my words carefully and that my phrases work smoothly. I'm lucky, considering all that I have to write isn't filled with bullshit, but I have to be careful to avoid any ambigious phrases or words so as to keep people focused on the fact that we aren't out there to screw over people.

I think this becomes even more obvious when speaking to the opposite sex. I've overheard so many times couples splitting for semantics. Communication is possibly the first and grandest problem in our society, but it's no wonder when we all forgot that the main reason we began to speak was to make things direct and understandable to everyone.


At 2/12/05 1:44 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Yeah, I've mentionned before how communication is a major problem for so many of my teachers. It amazes me how people can actually reach a certain level in society with horrible communication skills. These stuttering pricks clearly know what they're talking about, but they fail miserably in conveying it in a clear, concise and cohesive manner.

There is no honesty in inter-personal communication, either. To the point where we're shocked when a person is very honest about how they feel. I sent a song to this girl today and she responded by telling me that she wasn't interested in listening at the moment. The way it was worded, however, was very direct and surprising.

A common criticism that many people have towards me is that I'm too direct and too blunt. I don't understand how this can be a criticism. The fact that it is is a reflection on our society. There is no longer any truth to what we say out loud, and when there is, people want to cry. I CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

At 3/12/05 1:34 PM, Anonymous Meldon said...

Some would argue that our capacity to express ourselves in indirect terms is what diffrentiates our linguistics from the simple barking of dogs or the tweeting of birds. They seem to only make noise to directly relay a message, whereas we can make sounds with our mouths to do mor than just that. None the less, sarcasm is annoying and needs to be seriously controlled and maybe even removed from our day to day vocalization of opinions. But to use politeness in saying that you are not interested does shelter one from serious hits to the ego ansd the heart...

At 3/12/05 11:05 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I would argue that lots of people I know haven't quite gotten past the "dog barking" phase of speech. :)

At 24/1/06 2:00 PM, Anonymous Junior said...

wow. i think the "un"straight talk fancies it up a little bit...hey! i didnt know you had paranoia... seems like you spend lots of clocks on the puter...oh yea, did i tell you i was a girl?

At 21/5/06 2:39 PM, Blogger Chartier said...

To have to shorten out computer, requires lots of time to think about computers.


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