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Call Waiting has to be one of the most insulting technological inventions. There is no justified use for it whatsoever. If the line is busy and the call is important, the person will leave a message or call back. There's no need to insult the person who you're putting on hold because you're so fucking important.

Today I get a call from someone. About 30 seconds into the call, the person says: "Oh, I have another line, just a minute". So I wait and wait. After several minutes go by, I just decide to hang up. Listen, you fucking called me, and you're wasting MY time with your bullshit call waiting. If the other call is so important have the courtesy to tell me so that I can go on to do more important things.

The other thing I want to comment on is answering machines. For whatever reason I never felt comfortable with them whatsoever. It seems like you would have to talk to yourself often in order to feel comfortable. To me it simply feels like the most awkward thing in the world, from a psychological perspective. We're trying to pretend as if we're talking directly to the person that we're leaving a message for, but it doesn't quite seem to work. Generally, about halfway through the message, I become aware of how ridiculous the situation is. The other strange thing is there's this whole anticipation for the *beep*, as if you have to start talking the second the fuckin thing beeps. So during the greeting, you mentally prepare yourself to start talking when the beep has sounded, all while not jumping the gun. There has to be a more efficient way of doing this.


At 19/5/06 6:49 PM, Blogger Pastor Jim said...

Sounds like you have issues. Do you not feel important? Do you not feel needed? Sounds like you are searching for something. You are young. You will find It, someday. Hopefully sooner than later. You have a lot of pinned up anger.

At 20/5/06 12:00 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

To each his own. I think that someone who believes in an invisible man has issues. I enjoy ranting about oddities in society, but clearly you have too large a stick up your ass to find this amusing. Rather presumptuous of you to assume that I'm lacking a direction in life or whatever you think. It's not anger so much as humour. Either away, I'd appreciate not having to listen to bullshit psychoanalysis from someone who doesn't even know me.

At 20/5/06 1:28 AM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Pj, I feel the problem here is that you also have delusions yourself. The fact that you feel your direction is the only direction, and the most righteous of directions in life is in essence a delusion. Portelance doesnt have problems, he's simply engaging in the healthiest possible activity one can engage in in a democratic system...Critical thinking. You may find these to be the rantings of an angry atheist who hasnt found the invisible man (God), but we see it as a day to day activity that develops our capacity to better understand humans. And we simply do it from a perspective alien to society's general conception of what is right, wrong or given. It can be fun, quirky, annoying to many, but hey...why not?

At 20/5/06 9:02 AM, Blogger Pastor Jim said...

Oh, I question people's activities all of the time. I also have pet peeves. I just think its a bit jouvenile to rant in such an angry way. You get nothing accomplished this way. Put your anger to use. Do something productive instead of sitting around whining about things. But, this is the easy thing for you to do. You can't find the courage in yourself to make a change in the World, so you sit on your computers everyday and groan and moan about how people don't fit the mold you want them to fit. You want to be right, and you don't respect anyone who questions you. Its time to grow up and be men, boys. Its time to take what life has given you and deal with it. Enough of the blog crying. Its not coming of you.

At 20/5/06 12:28 PM, Blogger Chartier said...

I love sophism. It represents to me, one of the greatest mind fucks of human history. This, pastor Jim, you might believe to be a lazy man's resort into dealing with what surrounds him. The great thing about sophism is exacly that; if someone is to believe that, he himself is a lazy person for not understanding what is going on and goes for the easy answer.

Either way, I'm faced with a dilemma at this point. Why would someone who believes that humour ranting on the internet is a waste of time, be doing the exact same thing to the people he believes are wasting their time? Sophism maybe?

Either way, I find it hilarious that a man of God used the term "pinned up" given the fact that not to long ago at work I had to alphebetically sort of porno movies and part of the few gay pornos we have is entitled 'pin ups'. But why would I be the one to judge so quickly the many talents of God eh?

At 20/5/06 12:36 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Sorry Pj, we probably spend less than an hour every two days or so writing on these things. And yes our goal is to enlighten a couple of people along the way. Its not my primary aim, because my blog is also a nice way for me to organize my thoughts on some ongoing events and issues. And we are doing something productive, simply because it opposes your metaphysics, you see it as unproductive and childish, well you know what, the very same can be said about your blog, and your religion. I can understand why you see it that way, my blog exposes the absurdities and dangers of organized religion, yours glorifies it. You also want people to suscribe to a particular point of view, you want people in your blogging community to generally agree with what you have to say, dont tell me your being purely subjective here. And I dont know your definition of being a man is, its pretty funny to hear this from religious people like you, judging your religion resembles like a fairy tale. See Pj you speak in such a condascending tone but yet your arguments lack so much substance its ridiculous...And btw, learn how to spell its juvenile...not jouvenile!

At 20/5/06 5:10 PM, Blogger Pastor Jim said...

You got me with the spelling, atheist. My bad. Substance? Where is your substance? You have the same amount as I do.

Oh, yeah, work on your sentences. You have quite a few incomplete ones (seeing as how we are grading English papers, now).

At 20/5/06 6:16 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

To quote you: ``Sounds like you have issues. Do you not feel important? Do you not feel needed? Sounds like you are searching for something. You are young. You will find It, someday. Hopefully sooner than later. You have a lot of pinned up anger.``

Honestly, you sound like a passage straight out a cheesy self-help booklet (The kind of advice Dr.Phil would happily give!). These kind of statements are so vague and generic that we have nothing we can argue about. So back to what you said: what issues specifically? What is it Portelance looks like he's searching for? This is what I mean by lack of substance.

And also, what differs from my arguments and your arguments is simply that I do not take the teachings of Christ as given, I challenge them and criticise them, I dont take my beliefs and views for granted, I use them in the aim of challenging your viewpoint. Thats what I mean by substance.

At 20/5/06 7:58 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

You know, Pastor Jim, you might have heard the saying that debating on the Internet is kind of like winning the special olympics: even if you win, you're still retarded. This will be my last word on the topic because I refuse to give further credence to your arguments (or lack thereof).

You speak of being productive instead of sitting around. Funny you should mention this considering you have absolutely no idea who I am, what my interests and hobbies are, and what I do in my spare time. You speak of productivity, and yet you're the biggest hypocrite. Here you are, coming on my blog, to stir up shit and insult me because you clearly have little better to do. You attempt to demean my character because it makes you feel good or something. And so, here you are telling me that I should be productive instead of whining, but you're doing exactly the same thing by posting here.

You're the worst type of pundit. Instead of accepting reasonable grounds for debate, you start pouting and decide to defame and criticize others' personalities with little rationale other than as a vendetta. It makes you feel good. No, sir, you're the child here. You're free to not read these rants if you feel that they are childish or below your "standards", just as I choose not to read your blog because I have better things to do than to read about some seemingly self-proclaimed pastor's child-to-be.


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