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It's been mentionned before, but hasn't been stressed enough, that when it comes to communicating in the form of a conversation its always better when both parties build off each other. I cannot stress this enough. I find that the relations that seriously don't cut it for me is when the conversation is broken down into a listener and a speaker.

The listener's job is basically to simply nodd and agree and interject every once in a while. Often, these interjections are simple questions or clarifications. The listener basically doesn't learn anything but what the other person is saying, beyond this, the listener will have done nothing but waste his time and heard a nifty little story.

The speaker's job is to speak and try to be clear. The problem is since, often times he/she won't want to go off on a tangent and might have even rehearsed this in their heads forgetting and ommiting the details, only one person talks no progression is made. Once the talker is finished saying what he/she has to say, nothing else needs to be said.

This is a formula that doesn't work. It doesn't make for any interesting relations since the two aren't united and don't want to be united. It basically makes one look selfish, and the other look uninterested.


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