Happy Secularmas

Hello, hello. I hope you all have a wonderful godforsaken Christmas, or non-denominational holiday of your choice. As for myself, I don't go to church or listen to the ratznigger the pope's words of guidance. I generally cover myself with hog's blood and worship the devil as all atheists do on this holy day. We also have a feast of fetus-heads and celebrate our lack of values. As you know, good values can only come from the church. This is why I hope there is much war in the world this year and that most of you will die.

Sarcasm aside, I hope you're all enjoying your time off school/work to spend time with your loved-ones and generally pig out on slaughtered carcasses with stuffed anuses and other feast-like ammenities. Hopefully everyone is enjoying whatever consumerist/capitalist over-indulgences they have received. It's the time of year to reflect on our values and think of those less fortunate than us. What better way to do so than by eating about 20 pounds of food and buying gifts at Wal-Mart. Cheers!


At 1/1/06 12:49 PM, Blogger meldon said...

Ever heard of Festivus, and the Festivus Pole, air out your grievences...


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