A history of violence

David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence" is somewhat a blend of mainstream and independent. On the one hand, I've used the movie and recommended it to many people in the hopes that it will spark some form or another of thought. Given it's mainstream elements, it should keep the "Holly shit his fucking chest blew up!" people entertained while maybe keeping them thinking.

While I was watching the documentaries attached to the DVD a thought came up. The last chapter is entitled "Hope" and is based on the hope we have of changing our ways and evolving beyond the violent apes we are. The hope that criminals can be reformed and brought back into society. The hope that some day we do grow older, wiser and smarter then our former selves.

There is yet another hope that came to mind. The hope that we can get rid of religious cancer. That thousands of years of unjustified violence, intolerance and limitations of the human mind might finally come to an end. After all, the movie does mirror what religion is doing to this day. The horrible acts commited over so many years are asked to be overlooked and forgotten, yet the ways are still unchanged, the ideas unmodified and the message old fashionned. In the movie though, the character is completely changed. It didn't take so many screenwriters to come up with the idea that if the character was to have the audience's sympathy, it was going to take change. How many people wrote the Bible?

The only reasons I'm happy the idea of God is still present are:
- Oh my God!
- Holly shit!
- For God's sakes
- God Damnit!
- Fucking God
- "Fucking you is like a Godly experience"
- "Want to feel like God? Get a few people to kill a few people"

I don't know what I'd do without those expressions.


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