Some people just can't tell that they go from being welcomed to being annoying. Some relatives of mine come up from Mexico every year or so (no, I'm not Mexican, for reference). I always start off by welcoming them and all, but soon they begin to push my buttons. First off, they set up their base camp here as if it was the national emergency preparedness centre or something. Calls from friends come in and out, and they sit down to do business from here. Since we have no guest bedroom, my mom asked if I would give up my room for two nights. At first this annoyed me because I've seen it happen before, but I remembered that I had not yet tried my new Sierra Designs sleeping bag, so I made it my mission to camp out in the basement. Of course, I forgot this bag goes to -9, so I was pretty damn hot the first night in the basement.

What annoys me the most, however, is that I have to wait in line more or less to take a shower because they've set up a base camp in there. They carry a ridiculous amount of pharmaceutical products around, and feel free to take over my bathroom counter with 50 bottles of I-don't-know-what facial cleansers. Second of all, they are not light travellers. Even for two nights, they completely take over my room as if they were ants building a colony. Papers litter my desk. Clothes that don't belong to me hang in the closet. These are infectious people.

My point is that, while they are family members and my parents feel obliged to have them sleep here when they are in town (as it is so infrequent, etc.), I'd suggest they should get themselves a freakin' hotel room. I will pretend that it's ok with me that they can take over my room, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they're going too far. I know I would feel extremely awkward going to someone else's house, being offered a room, and making it up as if it were mine for the duration of my stay. It would be awkward enough just accepting in the first place as I would not want to feel as though I were imposing. Then... there are some who are blind.


At 27/5/06 12:04 AM, Anonymous Patrick said...

You know, as much as its good to open your door to family and such, half the time I wish my relatives would just stay the fuck away from my place. Seriously, we have a really nice home and just like in your case, the minute they barge in there's shit everywhere and they rarely pick up after their messes.

Hah, I've also pretended to not mind having my cousins sleep in my room when its clearly obvious I don't want anyone putting their grimey hands all over my beautiful gaming library. ;)

You make some very valid points. Hurrah!

At 27/5/06 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you absolutely sure you aren't Mexican?

At 27/5/06 12:37 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

You caught me in my web of lies! I'm a Mexican who jumped over the fence and am illegally living in the US.

At 27/5/06 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it. INS is going to be all over yo family, mon ami!!!

At 27/5/06 10:02 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Don't worry, I bought myself a shotgun at Wal-Mart. Yeehawww


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