Two Gay Mounties

As I was watching CTV News tonight, one of the most ridiculous stories I've seen in a long time was aired. The "news" item involves two gay mounties that will be marrying in a short while. Supposedly, this is notable news because they are the first gay mounties to marry. I fail to see the interest in this. Shall we have news stories for the first gay doctors, politicians, janitors, teachers, etc.?

The piece starts off with some footage of old Hollywood movies showing the typical mountie stereotype. This leads in to footage of these gay mounties in uniform, which is somehow supposed to draw a parallel to the "old mounties" or something. The commentator mentions that a gay mountie back then was one who was very happy, but the times have changed. Cut to the gay mounties holding hands, walking around in uniform, etc. They are interviewed and asked their opinions, as well as fishermen and other workers from the small New Brunswick town they grew up in.

Can we all fucking get a grip of ourselves. There are thousands of people who die from famine, AIDS, wars, etc. every single day around the world. There are important political issues. The best news item is about two fucking gay mounties. How silly and pathetic this is. As a society, we value this type of quasi-news more than any type of international news. We will watch American Idol before we watch a documentary of any sorts. We will watch Entertainment Tonight before even this regular half-assed news. How sad that two gay mounties is considered newsworthy. Maybe I'll walk around downtown tomorrow in a clown outfit while carrying a chainsaw. No doubt it would be the top story on the news. Can we collectively fall any lower than this?


At 22/5/06 10:08 AM, Blogger Chartier said...

I wonder what pastor Jim's opinion of this is. I'm hoping he'll make the news by running down the mounties with a flamming baseball bat in the hopes of going to heaven.

At 22/6/06 12:02 PM, Anonymous Nate Allen said...

It seems that you have some deep-seated issues that you really haven't come to grips with yet. If these Dudley Do-Rights managed to find love in spite of all the odds against them, like bigoted ranting by dim paleobloggers, then that IS news, and good luck to them.

At 24/10/06 5:27 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I'm actually a staunch supporter of gay marriage. The point here is that because this is a top news item, it's interesting to note how the media constructs what we think. There are far more important things which do not get covered because gatekeepers decide that irrelevant stories like this must receive top coverage.


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